Swim England Publishes Return to Swimming Roadmap

Swim England has published its roadmap for the return to competitive swimming.

The five stage plan includes:

  • Stage 3: From now: “Level X Racing”
  • Stage 4: No earlier than January 2021: Phased reintroduction of licensed level 4 competitions
  • Stage 5: Date to be confirmed: Reintroduction of licensed level 1, 2 and 3 competitions (subject to social distancing)

For more detail, go to here.

Some key points:

“We are keen to enable competition to take place as soon as it can and ideally would like events such as Regional and National competition in 2021 to take place as normally planned.”

“Because of the current changing situation, though, it is extremely challenging to predict with any certainty when we can move to Stages 4 and 5.”

“However, our expectation is that we will not move to Stage 4 before January 2021, although that could be later dependent on the national situation.”

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