A revised constitution for HCASA has been prepared to enable

  • A change in the constitutional and financial year to end on December 31st
  • County meetings to held virtually if it is not practical for meet face-to-face.

The draft constitution is available for download.

The proposed changes are highlighted as follows:

  • YELLOW: Changes to the constitutional/financial year
  • GREEN: Provision for virtual meetings

If you have any comments on the proposed meeting, please e-mail

This revised constitution will be submitted for ratification at a Special Meeting of the Association Council to be held on Tuesday 14th July at 7pm. Because of the current restrictions on meetings, this will be organised as a virtual meeting (using Zoom).

Formal notification will be sent to all clubs. Clubs in turn will be invited to nominate delegates. Full instructions on how to participate will be sent to all delegates be e-mail ahead of the meeting.