Interested in giving diving a go?

Diving is a popular water sport that is practiced in different forms around the world.  On the face of it, diving is one of the simplest sports, requiring participants to simply dive off a platform or springboard into water, performing acrobatics to get the most points from judges. However, behind this apparent simplicity is a sport that is far more complex and difficult than it may first seem and one that requires complete dedication and commitment from anyone who wants to make it to the top.

There are various forms of diving practiced, such as thrilling cliff diving competitions but by far the most popular form of diving is the one seen at the Olympics where competitors dive into a pool from springboards or platforms of varying heights in all different directions and shapes.

No matter what age or ability level you are why not try it? 

The local refurbished 10 metre diving facility is based at the Quays in Southampton.    The Southampton Diving Academy is the competitive wing for the Quay’s diving programme and have a competition structure that straddles from beginners all the way to International elite level and hosts five competitions per year.

Southampton Diving academy is the only Club in Hampshire and if you would like further details on diving contact them directly via their website.