HCASA Management Committee – 2nd December 2019

Minutes 2nd December 2019

Management Committee Meeting

Held at Holiday Inn Winchester.


Janet Selley, Kristie Jarrett,  Sue Dewar, Mike Lambert, Colette Kutty,  Pam Mattos, George Adamson, Sue Barker,  Alan Alderman,  Peter Harris

1. Apologies received from Jenny Ball, Jan Mattinson, Toby King, Natalie Ford                    

2. Minutes of meeting 16th Sept   – Accepted as an accurate record.

3. Executive decisions- Re Winchester Starting Box. £800 granted with proviso that Winchester will be required to bring it for the County Championships.

4. Decisions by email – Decision re storage for the County trophies at Basingstoke.

5. Regional Report- Kristie to send. 6 elements required for stronger affiliation for clubs without Swimmark. Rosa and Kristie running a workshop on Jan 29th to explain some of the changes regarding stronger affiliation.

6. Correspondence- None

7. Finance – Not much to comment on as roughly in line with budget. Money has come in from Synchro for competition. Synchro training camp was in November, as the coach dropped out, so postponement necessary.

£400 is still payable to Lynn Harrison.

George commented that the SESE Region is altering their financial year to align with Swim England, i.e. Jan – Dec. This could have an influence on HCASA cash flow. Clubs all have to pay by 28th Feb without excuses. Peter doesn’t foresee much trouble though.

8. County website – Jan will contact Natalie to see if there’s been any progress. George said we need a webmaster to control the site. Users need access and training.

9. County Dinner – Mike  said 16th/23rd or 30th May will be ok from a swimming perspective. Crowne plaza might be worth considering. Half term is 23-30th May, so best avoided. It was thought 16th was not looking good either. People are busy. 6th June is a possibility. The dinner shouldn’t be too expensive. We need to get the Napier and Coach of the Year forms out now.

10. County Welfare Officer – no report

11. Discipline reports

  • Swimming and Open Water– Mike has submitted. Regarding the trophies, Sue Barker, Peter Harris and Mike Lambert agreed to form a ‘thinking group’ to come up with an action plan for the long term trophy storage. Counties at Mountbatten may have to be short course.
  • Diving –Report submitted
  • Synchro –Report submitted
  • Water Polo – Report to be submitted
  • Masters – Report submitted
  • Disability Swimming – 6 Hampshire swimmers in Nationals in Manchester, including a new swimmer from Jersey Tigers. Juniors will be held in Sunderland. The Junior Para event will be the first weekend in March.
  • Officials – report to be submitted. Little change, but there had been an embargo on J1 training from mid Oct. 16 Judge 1s trainees have started, 7 Judge 2s and 4 starters. The latest passes were from 26 timekeepers, 8 x Judge 1, 2 x Judge 2 and 2 starters.

The new Judge 1 online course will launch 12th January. There is to be a presentation at Loughborough.

12. Any other business – Re Water Polo, Sue Barker asked what courses are being planned for referees and coaches as the Navy needs them. Sue has been told that they’d need a minimum of 10 people, but if she provides the facility, could the numbers be fewer than this? George will email Toby.

             Next Meeting  Monday 2nd March, Holiday Inn, Winchester, 7pm.