HCASA Management Committee – 2nd March 2020

Minutes 2nd December 2019

Management Committee Meeting

Held at Holiday Inn Winchester at 7pm


Janet Selley Mike Lambert Colette Kutty Pam Mattos George Adamson
Sue Barker Alan Alderman Peter Harris Sue Dewar Toby King
Jenny Ball Jan Mattinson Jim MacTavish Spencer Farmer Natalie Ford
  1. Apologies received from John Tripp
  2. Minutes of meeting 2nd December, 2019 – Accepted as an accurate record.
  3. Matters arising from the last minutes – £400 has been paid to Lynne Harrison
  4. Executive decisions – None
  5. Decisions by email – None
  6. New County Website – Natalie has chased Martin, who was building the site, three times with no response. Mike recommended that the work was started again, but somebody needs to volunteer to manage it. John Tripp had agreed and Natalie will contact John to see how he wishes to proceed.
  7. Correspondence

    From the Region

    All clubs must register all coaches and teachers. Natalie to follow up regarding Southampton University WPC, as they have not responded.

    SESE ACM 7th April – nominations. Natalie has 2 voting forms if anyone wants to go. Mike and George intend to go.

    SESE – Artistic Swimming – the new name for Synchro. It is expected that clubs will follow with similar name changes. An outcry has followed the announcement, but nothing can be done about it. The Region has already updated the website. There will be extra expenses for clubs with updating logos on their kit, websites and so on.

    SESE Coronavirus advice – Natalie to advise as guidance has only just been received. Information will be posted on the website.

    From Clubs

    Funding Request – Secondary strobe for Rushmoor Royals – There has been a request for funding assistance for a secondary strobe light for Rushmoor Royals. Mike explained that the County can’t provide funding for such requests. There is no requirement in Open Meet Licensing guidelines for a secondary strobe.
  8. County Welfare – Wavepower – procedures are being updated. Every club will get a copy for all welfare officers.
  9. Finance – Highlights – Club Subscriptions mostly in as expected. Masters are in profit by £51! Some monies are outstanding from County Championships. The InterCounties were expensive, but ok.

    Synchro has lots of money, but only 2 out of 3 development camps have taken place. There are some outstanding bills to arrive for both the camps.

    Disability costs are on target.

    Water Polo ok. – Toby will be looking for some extra funding.

    Swimming- George has bought some officials’ shirts. Also vouchers for the new Judge 1 online training have been bought.

    President’s Office – John has made his claims.

    Peter reminded everyone to make their expense claims please, along with any bills or costs.

    Mike mentioned that he would like to make a £5K prepayment to Mountbatten to help with repairs to the moveable floor, which is broken. Live, Parkwood and Portsmouth City Council all deny responsibility. Portsmouth Northsea will find £5K along with the Council. Any County contribution will be held against future hire. Peter requested that he receive an invoice from Mountbatten, with precise wording, clearly stating the charges will cover deposits for the next 5 years. All except one person were in agreement.
  10. Discipline Reports

    Swimming – Counties, issue with the pool for the first weekend. The boom was broken, but they managed to move it, so that the event could be run as long course. For the final weekend, the moveable floor stuck at 1.35m, so swimmers were advised not to dive deeply. Repairs are needed before the Easter Meet. The boom can be moved up and down, but not the floor. The pool is now stuck at 25m length. The Development Meet is planned and details will be on the website. Last weekend in June and first Saturday of July at Waterlooville. The dates for 2021 Counties may be decided at this week’s swimming committee meeting.

    Training Camps- lack of communication between Swim England and the County regarding training camps. [CONFIDENTIAL ITEM]

    Artistic Swimming – thanks for money to fund the training camps. There had been good feedback.

    They had to have a GB level coach for the camp. County Champs are on 2nd May, involving figures and Combo, plus solo work. Six hours already booked at the Garrison pool. Swim England have been interfering and changing rules, which has not been well received. Swim England doesn’t seem to listen to the regions and it’s been noticed by other disciplines.

    Water Polo – Both Southampton Men and Ladies near the top of the table. County training is on Sunday and well attended, even close to breaking point. U12 tournament was run recently: a new achievement for friendly games and generally well played. A lot is broken in water polo, but there is consistent feedback from area meetings to help put it right.

    Masters– will submit report. 14th June for County Masters Championships.

    Disability – Some juniors are going to Sunderland in March, but it may not happen. The European Downs Syndrome Meet is planned for June, but probably not going ahead due to coronavirus.

    CPD for officials – To be help on 22nd March, Mothers’ Day at Southampton. May also be cancelled.

    Officials Report– George to send.
  11. Napier Trophy/ Jan Alderman Memorial Trophy- nominations received.

    Napier – This must be the single best performance. Jenny commented that there’s a wealth of talent in the County from the nominations. Mike noted it was difficult to compare different types of performance against each other. It was felt that here were many brilliant performances.

    Jan Alderman Memorial – For coaches regarding the best single performance of their swimmer

    Mike suggested we might want to reconsider the terms for this trophy, as it rather leads to the coach of the swimmer winning the Napier trophy. Perhaps consideration should encompass more than one single performance.
  12. County Dinner – details will be circulated again. No tickets had been sold yet.
  13. Any other business

    Jenny suggested a change to the Certificate of Nomination for both the trophies, as some nominations had been submitted incorrectly this year. This was thought to be a good idea and will be addressed for next year.

Next meeting Monday 1st June, Winchester. Holiday Inn.