Development Competition Conditions 2019

1.       GENERAL

1.1     All County Competitions shall be conducted in accordance with Swim England Laws and Technical Rules of Swimming.

1.2     The entry fee is £6 per individual event. Team entries are free.

1.3     The closing date for entries for the competition is 8pm on Thursday 20th June 2019.

1.4     A supplementary starting strobe light will be available for this competition.

1.5     Backstroke starting ledges will not be available for this competition.


2.1     General

2.1.1 The competing members of any club allocated to the Association, and any member of an organisation registered directly to the ASA who is normally resident in Hampshire, shall be allowed to compete providing they are eligible as defined in Swim England Law.

2.1.2  A swimmer must be a registered member of the club in the name of which he/she is entered no later than 31st May 2019.

2.1.3  For this competition, a swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on the last day of the competition, 6th July 2019.

2.1.4  Any swimmer who competed in any event in the 2019 Hampshire County Championships may not enter that same event (stroke and distance) in the Development Competition. Swimmers who entered the 200m Individual Medley event in the County Championships may not enter the 100m Individual Medley.

2.1.5  Any swimmer who, at the time of entry for the Development Competition, has achieved a time faster than the published limit time, in any Licensed Meet or any competition open to members of more than one club (even if not Licensed) since 1st September 2018, may not enter that event in the Development Competition.

2.2     Team Events

2.2.1  Team Events shall be open to all clubs who have at least 4 individual entries to the competition.

2.2.2  A swimmer entered in the name of one club in individual events may not compete in the name of another club in the team events.

2.2.3  Clubs may enter one team for each team event. Teams shall be made up of 4 swimmers, male or female in any combination.  There must be at least one male swimmer and one female swimmer. Only swimmers who have been entered and accepted for at least 1 individual event may swim in a team event. In the medley relay, no swimmer who competed in a stroke at any distance in the 2018 County Championships may swim that same stroke in the relay.


3.1     Individual Events

9 Years 10 Years 11 Years 12 Years 13 Years 14 YearsFreestyle: 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke: 50m, 100m, 200m
Breaststroke: 50m, 100m, 200m
Butterfly: 50m, 100m, 200m Ind Medley: 100m

3.2     Team Events

9/10 Years 11/12 Years 13/14 YearsMixed4x50m Freestyle 4x50m Medley

4.       ENTRIES

4.1     Entries shall be submitted via the online entry system on the competition web site.

4.2     Entries submitted online are not finally accepted until the club entry declaration sheet, completed and signed by a designated club representative, has been submitted via the Submit Files feature on the competition web site.

4.3     All entries to this competition are deemed to be club entries, and are subject to the submission of the club entry declaration sheet, authorised by an appropriate officer of the club to confirm that:

1.       Entries have been checked and conform to the conditions for the competition

2.       The club accepts liability to pay the appropriate entry fee.

4.4     Once all entries have been processed and decisions taken relating to acceptance (according to conditions 4.7 and 4.8) each club will be notified of the entry fee payable for all accepted entries (and invalid entries, see 4.9). Fees must be paid within 1 week of this notification.

4.5     Late Entries may be accepted in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of the Swimming Secretary (or the appointed Entries Co-ordinator). Late entries will be considered for individual events only, providing

          – There is space available
– A supplement of 100% of the normal entry fee, per event, is paid.

4.6     Entrants who are members of more than one club must state at the time of entry, the club he/she represents.

4.7     For all individual events, the Association shall set limit times (see 2.1.5 above). Swimmers must submit a time for each entry. Submitted times may be short course (25m) and/or long course (50m) times. Long course times will be converted according to the published Swim England Equivalent Performance Tables. If both short and long course times are submitted, the faster of the two (after conversion of the long course time will be recorded as the entry time).

4.8     In the interest of safety and to ensure the smooth running of the competition the Association reserves the right to limit the number of entries to any event. If this becomes necessary, the Swimming Secretary (or appointed Entries Co-ordinator) will publish a list of all rejected entries on the competition web site at least 7 days before the first day of the competition. Entries will be rejected on the basis of submitted times, slowest swimmers rejected.

4.9     Any swimmer submitting an ineligible entry will have the entry rejected and forfeit the entry fee.

4.10   A Provisional Team Declaration Form declaring the names of swimmers expected to swim in each team shall be submitted, via the Submit Files feature on the competition web site, no later than 3 days before the start of the competition. Failure to submit a declaration form on time may result in the team being withdrawn. A corrected Declaration Form may be submitted at any time up to the start of warm-up for the session which includes the team event.

4.11   The Management Committee may refuse an entry from a Club or a member of that Club, which, in their opinion, has not in the past fulfilled its obligations to the County Association.

4.12   By submitting an entry, entrants are implicitly accepting that entries will be processed using a computer system. Entrants may request that details are not displayed on the web site, but need to be aware that entry confirmation and results are not made available in any other form.

4.13   By submitting an entry, entrants are accepting that their photographs may be taken and used to promote the sport in the Region or County, and/or made available for download and/or purchase. All photography will conform to the “Swim England Photography and Photographing Swimmers Policy”. Individual parents of swimmers  have the right to withhold consent, by completing a form to be made available on request before the closing date of the competition.


5.1     The Swimming Secretary (or Entries Administrator) shall make reasonable efforts to publish confirmation of entry for all accepted entries at least 6 days before the first day of the competition on the competition web site:

5.2     Swimmers are responsible for checking their entry confirmation. Any errors found must be notified to the Swimming Secretary (or Entries Administrator) at least 3 days before the first day of the competition. The Association will make every effort to correct any error reported by this date, irrespective of the source of the error, Subsequent to this date, only errors introduced by the Association will be corrected.


6.1     A withdrawal system will be in operation. Club representatives are expected to submit withdrawal forms for swimmers who are not intending to swim, no later than 45 minutes before the advertised starting time of the first event in the session. Competitors who fail to withdraw and do not present themselves at the start may incur a penalty of £10 and may be suspended from all further events at the competition. There shall be no refund of entry fees to swimmers who withdraw from events, unless the withdrawal is for medical reasons.

6.2     Heats shall be swum for all events, seeded slowest to fastest. All heats shall be spearheaded.

6.3     All events, including all team events, shall be decided on heat times and places (heat declared winner).

6.4     Competitors are responsible for presenting themselves to the Clerks of the Course in time for their race. There will be no calls for competitors who fail to report,

6.5     All penalties for failing to withdraw from an event in accordance with the procedures above are payable by the competitor’s club.

7.       AWARDS

7.1     Age Groups (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
The first, second and third placed swimmers in each individual events will receive an award.

7.2     Team Events
All members of teams placed first, second and third in each team event will receive an award.

7.3     Overall Team Trophy

          An award will be presented to the best team, based on the performance of the best swimmer from the team in each individual event and on team events. Ten points will be awarded to the team of the fastest swimmer, nine points will be awarded to the team of the next fastest swimmer, from a different club, and so on down to 1 for the tenth fastest.

8.       DISPUTES

8.1     Any dispute related to a matter not covered in these conditions shall initially be determined by the Swimming Secretary. Any individual who is not satisfied with such determination has the right to invoke Swim England Judicial processes.

8.2     Any changes to these conditions are subject to approval by the Swim England South East Licensing Panel.

Updated: 1st June 2019